A program in Christ-centered restorative justice which offers spiritual mediation and training to inspire and energize Christian care for adults, families and communities wounded by child abuse

  • Advancing Christian awareness of child protection, child abuse and its aftermath
  • Brokering early ventures in healing dialogue among persons and within group
  • Facilitating shared plans, guidelines and resources for long-term progress
  • Counseling one-on-one survivors, family members and those in ministry
  • Delivering spiritual programs for small and large group events.


Walking with individuals and groups along the healing arc from wounded victim to new creation by way of a deepening love for Jesus Christ.


I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee. (Job 42:10)


  • Spiritual Mediation
  • Spiritual Mediation Training
  • Peer Counseling for Survivors, Family
  • Community Process Facilitation
  • Parish Events / Workshops
  • Integrated Professional Conferences
  • Retreats / Days of Reflection

Common Topics

  • Healing What Psychology Cannot
  • Serving as a Spiritual Mediator
  • Ministering to Secondary Trauma
  • Walking with a Wounded Church
  • Mastering Physical and Medical Care
  • Creating Your Patchwork of Support
  • Imagining God’s Dream for You

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