Teresa Pitt Green is a practicing Catholic who was abused by Catholic priests while a child and teen -- over a period of ten years. Part of her quest for recovery is chronicled in her book Restoring Sanctuary.

In 2005, Green began her relationship with the Diocese of Arlington, VA, where she moved after working in New York City years. Over time, she was invited to speak to many groups, support newcomers to the program, write and offer workshops and retreats.

During that time she co-authored a book with her frequent co-presenter, Fr. Lewis S. Fiorelli, OSFS, entitled Veronica's Veil: Spiritual Companionship for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - A Christ-Centered Approach. Their book brings their approach to many beyond the attendees at their events, and it is used by survivors and loved ones to work through spiritual wounds. Green also launched numerous webinars at the request of the then-diocesan Vicar General for priests to study at home in evenings.

In 2014, after surviving a car accident, Green made a promise to the Lord to create an online grotto for prayer. While laid up, she began design and programming, in 2016 launching The Little Grotto, a sacred space for virtual and prayerful meetings and gatherings. The Little Grotto continues to progress in its features and events.

Meanwhile, Green began to expand her efforts more broadly. To hearten and support those who serve to free and rehabilitate victims of sexual abuse, she began to co-chair Communications for the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, which coordinates efforts of law enforcement, prosecutors, social services, church groups and other non-governmental agencies.

By 2015, Green had formalized her professional facilitation and negotiations with a mediation certificate.

In late 2015, Green joined other clergy-abuse survivors from the Archdiocese of Chicago to launch what is now The Healing Voices Magazine, whose mission is to provide a forum for voices wounded across the Church to speak of spiritual wounds and healing. Through her work, she is able to reach survivors and family members who remain isolated in their dioceses or have grown alienated from the faith and also to bring in writers who are scholars and leaders in the field. The magazine's subscriber base is growing steadily.

As Green's work in this area -- her calling, it would seem -- grows, she works less at her communications and publishing consultancy where, over thirty years, she developed and published many thousands of books, articles, digital products, online ventures along with the marketing and sales programs to support them. Now, Green brings these skills and leadership experiences to bear in serving others who seek spiritual resolution.

Teresa Pitt Green has chosen to use a pseudonym, Pitt Green, which honors Mary. The two names identify an intersection in her home town of Old Town Alexandria, VA, where a statue of Mary stands before a Catholic school, where children are now safe. Green chose to use a pseudonym to respect the privacy of relatives.

Confidentiality is respected. References can be provided as needed. Certain conditions apply to whether projects will be accepted. 

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