YouTube Channel

Webinars, animations, interview by Teresa, plus selections of music, talks, research presentations for adult survivors, loved ones. ministers and others


For Spiritual Guides

For those companions on a faith journey with survivors of abuse or trauma, a 12-part series of 10-min webinars requested by priests and available for your convenience


Catholic Reforms

6-minute animated presentation of top reforms which were made and are continuously audited in Canon Law and Church operations to protect children and youth


Webinar or Online Presentation

Teresa can help, in person and online, develop or offer workshops, record webinars for public or private (password protected) use, facilitate discussions or projects to move your efforts to help survivors and family members progress on their faith journeys.

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Cross Heart

Survivor Ministry

Fr. Lewis S. Fiorelli, O.S.F.S., presented guidelines for offering spiritual guidance to survivors of abuse or trauma to the USCCB

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Guided Imagery

Teresa offers an 8-min meditation for connecting inner creativity with our Creator as a renewed avenue for grace and healing

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Survivors' Faith

Dr. Robert A. Orsi describes initial impressions about survivors' faith based on years of research. (Interview by Teresa)



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Mental Illness

Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles convened a conference on the role of the Church in Mental Illness--and posted it on YouTube. Highly recommended.

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Chat with Teresa about what next steps in outreach and care you imagine.